Vancouver Movies

Vancouver Movie Listings

Rio Theatre

1660 E. Broadway
(604) 878-3456
British Columbia, V5N 1W1

Movie Showtimes

Showtimes from Saturday August 13 to Thursday August 18

2001: A Space Odyssey

Sun: 5:30

The Abyss

Tue: 9:00

Castle in the Sky (Subtitled) (PG)

Sun: 2:45

Dirty Dancing (PG)

Tue: 6:30

Karthikeya 2

Sat - Sun: 11:30AM

Mad Max: Fury Road (14A)

Mon: 8:30

Paprika (PG)

Sat: 10:45

Raging Bull (18A)

Wed: 6:30

Taxi Driver

Wed: 9:15

Three Colors: Blue

Sun: 9:00

To Catch a Thief (G)

Sat: 5:15

Vertigo (G)

Sat: 7:45