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Charley Varrick

Charley Varrick
Score: / 10
Cast:Marjorie Bennett, John Vernon, Walter Matthau, William Schallert, Tom Tully, Sheree North, Rudy Diaz, Norman Fell, Andy Robinson, Albert Popwell, Joe Baker, Hope Summers, Jacqueline Scott, Woodrow Parfrey, Felicia Farr, Benson Fong, Colby Chester, Charlie Briggs, Priscilla Garcia, Scott Hale, Charles Matthau, Christina Hart
Length:111 minutes
Released:September 19, 1973
Director:Don Siegel

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Charley Varrick Synopsis

Don Siegel directed this offbeat crime thriller which stars Walter Matthau as the titular Charley Varrick. Varrick is a small-time stick-up man who, in tandem with his partner Harman Sullivan (Andrew Robinson), makes plans to rob a small bank in New Mexico. Varrick and Sullivan are expecting a modest payday for a simple heist, but to their surprise they walk away with $750,000 in cash. But it turns out this isn't entirely good news; the bank was flush with cash because a number of well-connected Mafia chieftains have been using the bank to launder their ill-gotten gains, and they're determined to get their money back. Before Varrick can figure out a way to return the money, sadistic hired killer Molly (Joe Don Baker) is on his trail, forcing Varrick to outwit both the cops and the robbers if he is to stay alive.


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