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Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On
Score: / 10
Cast:Jenny Slate, Rosa Salazar, Thomas Mann, Isabella Rossellini
Length:89 minutes
Released:July 1, 2022
Director:Dean Fleischer Camp
Producer:Andrew Goldman, Caroline Kaplan, Dean Fleischer Camp, Elisabeth Holm, Jenny Slate, Paul Mezey, Terry Leonard
Studio:Elevation Pictures

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Marcel the Shell with Shoes On Synopsis

An adorable one-inch-tall shell named Marcel (voiced by Jenny Slate) is discovered by a documentary filmmaker. Marcel and his Nana Connie (Isabella Rossellini) are the last remaining members of their shell community.

With the help of the internet, Marcel hopes to discover other shells like him and locate his long-lost family. The film is based on three short films of the same name uploaded to the YouTube channel Fleischer-Camp.


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