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The Goonies

The Goonies
Score: / 10
Cast:Sean Astin, Corey Feldman, Josh Brolin, Martha Plimpton, Ke Huy Quan, Jeff Cohen, Kerri Green, Keith Walker
Length:114 minutes
Released:June 7, 1985
Director:Richard Donner
Producer:Richard Donner
Studio:Warner Bros. Pictures

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The Goonies Synopsis

Mikey Walsh (Sean Astin), Data (Ke Huy Quan), Mouth (Corey Feldman) and Chunk (Jeff Cohen), who call themselves "The Goonies" are spending the weekend together. Along with Mikey's older brother Brand (Josh Brolin), they find a 1632 doubloon in an attic, along with an old treasure map.

Mikey, Data, Mouth and Chunk set off to find the treasure, only to have Brand follow them, along with his cheerleader friend, Andy (Kerri Green) and her pal, Stef (Martha Plimpton). They come across a derelict restaurant with a tunnel in the basement and follow it in search of the pirate's loot.


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