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Journey 2: The Mysterious Island 3D

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island 3D
Score: / 10
Cast:Dwayne Johnson, Michael Caine, Josh Hutcherson, Luis Guzmán, Vanessa Hudgens, Kristin Davis
Length:94 minutes
Released:February 10, 2012
Director:Brad Peyton
Producer:Beau Flynn, Charlotte Huggins, Tripp Vinson
Studio:Warner Bros. Pictures

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Journey 2: The Mysterious Island 3D Synopsis

Sean (Josh Hutcherson) goes on a new journey when he receives a distress signal from an island where none is known to exist. Thinking it might be the "Mysterious Island" Jules Verne wrote about, and that the signal may have come from Sean's grandfather, the boy and his new stepdad (Dwayne Johnson) decide to travel halfway around the world to find the island, with the help of a helicopter pilot (Luis Guzman) and his daughter (Vanessa Hudgens).


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